Donald Trump to Keynote at The Eleventh HOPE

On the eve of the New York GOP primary, Donald Trump has taken an unprecedented step by agreeing to keynote The Eleventh HOPE conference hosted by 2600 Magazine.

Embracing the hacking community with the slogan “Make America Hack Again,” Trump plans to use his platform to share his detailed plans on solving major issues like cryptography backdoors, massive dragnet surveillance, and user interface disasters.

Anticipating a record turn-out and a few potential bad actors, HOPE has outsourced security to Trump’s good friends Mike Bloomberg and Bill Bratton. They will be rolling out a new program, known as “Stop EnCrypt,” that teaches people why enabling government backdoors will actually make your phones safer and help destroy ISIS. To help fund this effort, we’ve agreed to aid the Trump Campaign by selling hats on the 2600 store, while supplies last.

Finally, as a token of generosity towards a community that has helped make him great again, Trump will also be hosting a BBQ featuring the newest batch of Trump steaks. It’s an event not to be missed.