A lot goes on behind the scenes. Enrich your HOPE experience by helping to run the show and meeting some cool people while you’re at it!

We’re looking for volunteers in the following areas:

On Thursday, July 21st, we’re stringing cables, setting up lighting, audio, and video equipment, building art installations, and getting the conference ready for several thousand attendees. Being on the setup crew is a great way to meet organizers and other volunteers – both old regulars and brand new faces – and to get acquainted with the conference before it starts!

Our A/V gurus are seeking volunteers to operate sound boards, lighting consoles, projectors, and video cameras during the talks. Volunteers are needed to help set up the gear and to help maintain it over the course of the weekend.

Stage Managers:
Do you like to keep things flowing and on-time, by coordinating speakers, em-cee duties, and generally making sure all of the speaker tracks are running smoothly? This might be the job for you!

The NOC is looking for volunteers to help plan prior to the event and to be there during operations to build up and maintain our special event network. if you are self directed and can contribute time and energy to building an all volunteer enterprise network please get in touch with us right away! We are still in need of core gear, wireless APs (with controllers and licenses) as well as contacts with major media operators to secure transit. There is a lot yet to plan so join us today!

Information Desk:
Lost? Volunteers are needed to help provide orientation and information to fellow attendees, as well as disseminate vital schedule and event updates.

Special Ops:
Things change, problems arise, and we need volunteers to be available to help solve these unforeseen problems and assist in other volunteer areas. Examples include errand-running, message passing, and filling in for other volunteers who need a brief break.

If you have a particular skill or interest and would like to get involved, or just want to know more, send an email to volunteers@hope.net. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

See you at The Eleventh HOPE!